Meaning of Gage

'가게(Gage)' is simply translated to store in English. But, 'Gage' doesn’t mean just a store. Gage is the word which means familiar space where is deeply rooted in Koreans’ lives and contained the old sentiments of Korea called '정'(Jeong). And Gage is full of consideration for passers-by. So, whether people buy something or not, it can be a comfort place to take a rest. In the Gage, you can feel the warmth for visitors as well as the convenience of getting what you need at any time.

Seoul Gage

According to meaning of the word, 'Gage', Seoul Gage is the not only just a store but is the result with full of consideration for customers convenience. You can buy wide assortment of Korean merchandises at once, such as K-Slime, Glue, K-Cosmetics, fancy goods and many other things.