Various and Fine K-slime

Seoul Gage Store offers a wide variety of great slime products. We carry various types of K-Slime, with more than fifteen different textures and over twenty different brands available. Korean slime is renowned for its high quality and is considered among the best in the world. When you see the "K-Slime" title, you can be assured of the quality!

All-In-One Service

Seoul Gage offers a diverse range of products, making it the perfect option for anyone interested in Korean culture and products. With our store, there's no need to visit multiple sites to find what you're looking for. Simply visit Seoul Gage Store and get everything you need in the best quality possible!

Safe and Fast International Shipping

At Seoul Gage, we understand the importance of proper warehousing to maintain the best condition of our goods. That's why we conduct thorough inspections of every product to ensure there are no broken containers or foreign substances. Our products are also kept in optimal temperatures and environments before being shipped out. Plus, we offer fast global shipping, no matter where you place your order!